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More Zionist Airstrikes on Syria  


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30/06/2019 6:51 pm  

reports say the Zionist state of Isreal has launched more airstrikes on Syria today. The missiles appear to have been launched by IAF fighter jets over Lebanese airspace, and they landed in civilian neighborhoods in Damascus, killing 16 and injuring 20+ civilians, adding to the long list of well-documented Zionist war crimes that are ignored by “Western” Liberal Democracies. Obviously, to anyone closely following this conflict, these Zionist Airstrikes have been launched on a nearly monthly (if not weekly) basis over the past couple years, with the stated target being “Iranian-backed” forces in Syria, though they usually end up hitting civilian areas or Syrian Military forces instead of anything remotely “Iranian”. On another note, it’s ironic that more of these air strikes are being launched, when their are rumors that Hezbollah and the PMU (a umbrella group of Iraqi Shiite paramilitaries) are in the process of withdrawing their forces from Syria. This is most likely due to the carrot Isreal is dangling that if Russia and Syria force Iranian-backed forces out of the country, the Zionist air strikes will stop. However, with the fact that the U$ has no intention of removing its troops from the “Rojava-controlled” parts of Syria, and NATO puppet Turkey will still be supporting the last “Syrian opposition” strongholds in Idlib and Afrin, combined with the fact that Isreal and U$ want Iranian backed forces kicked out of Syria in order to close down one possible front of a War with Iran, I’d be careful accepting that carrot if I was Russia and Syria. Because, as successful as Russia’s 2015-present military intervention has been in preventing a Libya-style regime change in Syria (Syrian Government controlled territory has increased from 15% to over 60% in this time period), all it would take is a couple mistakes (they arguably already made a mistake signing the ceasefire agreement last year with NATO puppet Turkey), and all their successes could be rolled back in a heartbeat. Remember, Iran and Syria are the last middle eastern countries standing in the way of the completion of the “Greater Isreal project” i.e. having Zionist puppet governments established throughout the Middle East, along with being Russia’s last allies in the region, meeting that Isreal and their Neocon lapdogs in the U$ are still very much committed to regime change in both Iran and Syria, along with continuing the process of further isolating Russia (all of Russia’s allies are being targeted by regime change operations) to prepare for the long term plan of Balkanizing and collapsing the Russian Federation.

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