Escalating tensions...

Escalating tensions in the Middle East  


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19/07/2019 11:39 pm

     This morning the IRGC seized a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, after it strayed into Iranian territorial waters without alerting Iranian authorities, and latter in the day their were reports that the IRGC had seized another Oil tanker (this time a Liberian one), that was released shortly afterwards. If your wondering why would Iran take such “shocking” and “Offensive” actions to inhibit “freedom of Navigation”, these actions are much more understandable once you hear that the British marines seized an Iranian Oil tanker Gibaltar, due to the fact it was delivering its Oil to Syria, and thus violating the sanctions that have been put on Syria by the Zionist-controlled NATO countries. This also comes in the wake of the U$ president claiming yesterday that a U$ amphibious assault ship had shot down an Iranian drone over the Persian Gulf yesterday, though Iran denies this occurred and has shown photographic evidence proving that its Drone wasn’t shot down (They published photographs taken by the drone of the U$ warship). And if you didn’t think their wasn’t enough Zionist saber-rattling going on in the Middle East right now, their are reports that Israel launched an apparent air strike on Iranian-backed forces in Iraq, that killed at least six people (this is the first Israeli airsrike on Iraq in 38 years).

     If your wondering why all of these obvious attempts to provoke a war with Iran are occurring right now, it’s best to zoom out and look at the big picture of what is happening. Since the end of the Cold War in 1991, the U$ has been the unquestioned sole superpower, sitting at the head of a Unipolar world order defined by the unchallenged dominance of the Liberal ideology, along with unchallenged U$ military, economic, technological, and cultural dominance of the planet. However, as absurd as this sounds, this setup isn’t good enough for the powers at be (the Corporate elite that runs the U$ government and the global financial system, many of which are Jewish), their long term goal is the destruction of the sovereignty of all countries but the U$ (With the obvious exception of Israel), starting with the several countries that are not totally controlled by the U$ and ultimately expanding to its NATO allies and third world puppet states, and once this process is completed the U$ government will be effectively transformed into the One World Government (the United States of America will become the United States of the World). And while the process of destroying the sovereignty of the worlds countries is occurring the Liberal culture will spread its decadent, hyper-individualistic, and Materialistic, values to Non-Western societies thus slowly destroying them and turning them into Liberal Westerners. Meanwhile, this will be paired with disruptive technological advancements in AI and Automation that will slowly eliminate the Working class (first in the West and then everywhere else) by causing them to become worthless to the powers at be and thus be left to the slow torture of eliminationism (the process that occurs once people have no value, this can be seen in the U$ by what’s happened to the Rust Belt and the Black ghettos), that will ultimately wipe out most of the worlds population in the next 100 years.

     The first step to this diabolical plan that was initiated in 1991, is the efforts by the U$ to launch regime change operations (ie “spread Democracy”) against the last several countries that are not totally on board with being U$ puppets. This was first seen with the U$ bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 (which lead to regime change a year latter) along with the No-fly zones and periodic air strike against Iraq during the 1990s. Then these operations escalated significantly after the infamous events of September 11th, 2001, (this was most likely either a false flag orchestrated by the CIA and Mossad, or a genuine terrorist attack that was allowed to happen by these same agencies due to the enormous geopolitical benefits it would unleash) as seen by the Invasion of Iraq in 2003, the overthrow of Libya’s Qaddafi in 2011, the arming of jihadist rebels in Syrian Civil War since 2011 in an attempt to overthrow Assad (that was foiled by Russia’s intervention), and the near-constant lobbying for air strikes to stop Iran’s imaginary nuclear weapons program. Along with these Zionist wars for Israel in the Middle East, their has been a long term plan to Balkanize and collapse the Russian federation, that ironically started almost immediately after the fall of the USSR. This began with the disastrous rule of Yelstin, which was suppose to collapse Russia, and continued once Putin took power and began to stabilize the countries economy and rebuild its military in his first two terms (2000-2008). However, the real escalation that put this goal at the same level of importance as overthrowing Israel’s enemy’s in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran) and cleaning up remnants of the Eastern Bloc (North Korea, Cuba, and Yugoslavia), was the U$-backed 2014 Ukrainian uprising that overthrew Yukanivich and forced Russia to annex Crimea (in order to protect its Naval Base and the Ethnic Russian majority), thus causing the West to sanction Russia, and begin the process of treating Russia as a “Rogue state” and an “Evil Dictatorship” that must be given “Freedom and Democracy” (other countries in this category are Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and potentially China). These sanctions got worse after Russia intervene in the Syrian Civil War to keep Assad in power and defend the Shiites and Christians from being massacred by U$-backed Sunni jihadists, and after the Russiagate conspiracy was invented by the U$ media during the 2016 election.

     Now returning back to the current buildup against Iran, it’s obvious that Iran and Syria are the last stumbling blocs to the implementation of the Greater Israel initiative, and that the overthrow of Iran will set off a chain of events that will most likely lead to the fall of Assad, the overthrow of Maduro in Venezuela, and the conclusion of the long-term encirclement and eventual Balkanization of the Russian Federation. So in conclusion it is obvious that overthrowing Iran is the key to finalizing the process of eliminating all non-U$ controlled countries, and the powers at be will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal.

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