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Attack on Saudi Oil facilities increase odds of war with Iran  


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     “On September 14th, 2019, the Saudi Oil refinery at abqiaq along with the Oil field of Khurais were attacked by a large swarm of suicide drones and possibly Cruise missiles that destroyed most of the facilities and immediately took 50% of Saudi Oil of the market (approximately 5% of the world supply). Surprisingly, their were no casualties in the attack. The Houthi rebels of Yemen immediately claimed responsibility for the attack on the country that has been launching a military campaign against them since 2015 that has resulted in around 85,000 civilian casualties (many of which were caused by blatant war crimes like striking weddings and school buses or from starvation and disease outbreaks caused by the Saudi blockade). However, the U$ and Saudi Arabia deny that the Houthis could carry out such an attack and instead laid the blame on Iran, who they has been supportive of the Houthis, and who has been under intense economic pressure since the Trump administration withdrew from the Iran Nuclear deal in 2018 under intense lobbying from Israel and Jewish American donors that tipped the election to the hardcore Zionist (and possibly crypto-Jewish) Donald Trump. On September 15th, Trump threatened Iran with military action, by claiming he was “locked and loaded” and ready to attack depending on what the Saudi King tells him, though in reality it’s probably Netanyahu who he’s nervously awaiting orders from. 

     Now that we have a quick overview of what the MSM headlines are saying, let’s step back and take a big picture view of what, why, and How this happened and who is most likely responsible. Firstly, it is worth saying that the targets struck are several hundred miles away from Yemen, and thus would require a highly sophisticated drone that is more advanced then any operated by the Houthis. Plus, the “drones” struck 17 targets with practically pinpoint precision that would indicate that the weapons were GPS guided and more likely cruise missiles then the makeshift drones operated by the Houthis. These facts practically rule out this as a Houthi attack, which would make many assume that Iran was the culprit, due to them being significantly closer to the target and being known to operate the cruise missiles required to carry out this operation. However, their is no rational motive for Iran to carry out such an attack, considering that the U$ is anxiously waiting for a good enough excuse to attack them, and their were rumors of Trump wanting to seek a diplomatic solution in the wake of Bolton’s exit. Which leads to the observation that it is incredibly suspicious that this supposedly Houthi and/or Iranian attack happened a mere few days after Trump fired his notorious Hawkish national security adviser John Bolton (the leading advocate in the Trump White House for Regime change in Iran) which caused rumors that Trump was planning a meeting with the Iranian President, in order to begin a faux reset in relations with the country (i.e. a Middle eastern repeat of what Trump did with North Korea). This also happened three days before the Israeli elections in which Netanyahu is struggling to win reelection, due to the fact that even the fanaticaly Zionist Israeli Jewish population is beginning to fear that bibi is endangering the long-term survival of their Aparthied state with his increasingly reckless foreign policy. Considering this, it’s clearly in Israel’s interest to stage a false-flag “Iranian” attack on Saudi Arabia in order to get Trump to start the War with Iran that Israel selected him to start, or at the very least to not meet with Rouhani, and maintain the strategy of “maximum pressure” in order to ultimately cause a color revolution in Iran. Plus, this has the added bonus of giving Netanyahu a much needed bump heading into the Israeli election. This leads me to the conclusion that this was an Israeli attack, with the only other realistic perpetrators being ether the U$ or the Saudi Kingdom itself. However, I think we must rule out this being a U$ operation due to the fact that Trump probably doesn’t want to launch a War with Iran unless theirs either a massive uprising in the country that would justify a “humanitarian intervention” that would garner bipartisan support and a quick victory against a weakened government (like Libya in 2011), or if he’s losing reelection next year and he needs to pull the War card to have a shot at victory. And it’s hard to imagine Saudi Arabia willingly reducing their Oil exports by 50% when their seeking a IPO for Aramco on the NYSE. Thus, by proccess of elimination, it’s obvious this was yet another Zionist false flag to start another deadly war in the Middle East.

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