The New Cold War

The New Cold War  


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     Many in the Alternative Media promote the idea that China is a “rising Superpower” that is going to challenge U$ hegemony, because it has a “Socialist” economic system and that it desires a “Multipolar world order”, in which it and Russia find a way to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency, along with saving all the countries the U$ is targeting (Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea) from regime change. The Alternative Media also believe that Putin’s Russia is just as powerful if not more so then the Soviet Union, due to it supposedly being completely “financially independent” from the U$, supposedly having magical super weapons such as “Hypersonic Glide Vehicles” and “Nuclear-powered cruise missiles” that make its military stronger then it was during the Soviet era, along with the aforementioned alliance with the “rising” China that supposedly guarantees its victory in the “New Cold War” with the U$.

     Sadly, all of those narratives I just listed above, that are proclaimed all so often by the “Alternative” Media are completely inaccurate. In reality the “rising”, “Socialist”, “Superpower”, China is merely a Neoliberal Capitalist appendage of the U$-led, Liberal, rules-based, order, that is characterized by Stock Exchanges, Sweatshops for U$ corporations (especially Apple and Walmart), and Billionaires. The phony “Chinese Communist Party” justifies this using Marx’s theory of the productive forces, ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union was able to modernize its productive forces without having its citizens raped by Wall Street. Due to these obvious “Contradictions” it’s obvious to any rational observer that China is not “Socialist” (the only Socialist states left are Cuba and North Korea), and that it is not in a “New Cold War” with the country that its impoverished, exploited, population is literally slaving in Sweatshops to manufacture cheap products for, and that it’s “Communist” elite gets a decent share of the  surplus value from when those goods are sold their (The U$), along with the fact that during the real Cold War, Mao backstabbed the Soviet Union and entered an alliance with the U$ (which continues to this day, as seen by the fact that in addition to the obvious economic relationship, China supports UN security council sanctions on North Korea and recently halted all Oil Imports from Iran, thus aiding U$ regime change efforts against those two countries) that ultimately lead China to become the Sweatshop that it is.

     The case of Putin’s Russia is much more nuanced and complicated, for as much as it doesn't conform to the grandiose vision that the “Alternative“ Media have of it, it must be stated that unlike the pathetic example of the “Rising”, “Socialist”, “Superpower”, China, Putin’s Russia has taken some actions to challenge U$ hegemony, such as Annexing Crimea (a 68% Ethnic Russian territory, in which the vast majority of its citizens voted for annexation, that should have never been made part of the Ukraine if not for a foolish transfer by Krushchev and the unforeseen collapse of the Soviet Union), Saving Assad for now (it’s obvious that If it wasn’t for Russia’s air campaign, Assad would have suffered the same fate as Qaddafi), and Modernizing their Nuclear Arsenal (even though the more exotic weapons such as the “Hypersonic Glide Vehicles” and “Nuclear-powered Cruise Missiles” are blatantly exaggerated and unworkable prototypes, Putin did enter new ICBMs into service such as the RS-24 that are superior to the aging Minuteman III, introduced new Borei-Class SSBNs and Bulava SLBMs that are nearly as capable as their U$-equivalents, along with modernizing the Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic bombers and Kh-55 ALCMs which is all extremely crucial, considering Russia needs a strong Nuclear triad to compensate for rapidly deteriorating conventional forces). However, despite these “bright spots” it must be reiterated that Putin’s Russia is nowhere near as “Glorious”, as portrayed by the “Alternative” Media, due to the fact that despite Putin arresting/deporting some of them, Putin’s Russia is sadly infiltrated by Zionist Oligarchs who have been raping the country financially since 1991, while the rest of the population Is impoverished by Neoliberal Shock therapy (Privatization and Austerity) which hasn’t reversed under Putin (as seen by the recent Pension “reform”), and many of these Zionist Oligarchs are now high ranking in Putin’s government. The fact that despite claims by the “Alternative” Media to be undergoing some sort of religious revival, Putin’s Russia has widespread Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, and Prostitution (contrasted to the officially Atheist, Soviet Union, which outlawed Homosexuality, and had significantly less Alcoholism/Drug abuse/Prostitution then its supposedly Orthodox Christian successor), hardly the signs of a country experiencing an upsurge of Traditional values. The fact that despite claims by the “Alternative” Media that Putin’s foreign policy is seeking a “Multipolar World Order”, it must be remembered that with the obvious exception of Syria, Putin’s Russia has done nothing to stop U$ regime change efforts, as seen by its support for the U$-led, UNSC approved, No-fly zone on Libya (Putin’s Russia failed to veto the No-fly zone in the UNSC which led to tens of thousands of dead civilians, the complete destruction of Libya as a sovereign country, and the brutal murder of Qaddafi), it’s past support for UNSC sanctions on Iran, it’s current support for UNSC sanctions on North Korea, its ceasefire agreement with Turkish-backed rebels in Idlib that are preventing Assad from retaking the last major rebel stronghold, due to it’s ridiculous alliance with NATO member Turkey (it also supported Turkey’s seizure of parts of Northeastern Syria, which it plans to resettle with Anti-Assad, Sunni Arab refugees), and finally its cozy relationship with the Zionist State and its refusal to stop Zionist air strikes on Iranian forces in Syria (which often Kill Syrian military and civilians). In conclusion, it must be said that despite the fact that Putin’s Russia has done some good things, it is a complete joke compared to the Soviet Union, due to the fact that it is severely infiltrated by Pro-U$/Zionist Oligarchs, is fully integrated into the U$-led, rules-based, Liberal, World Order, it doesn't represent an alternative ideology to U$ Liberalism, and due to these factors, poses no serious threat to U$ hegemony, and will probably collapse once Putin leaves power due the combination of U$ subversion, internal contradictions, and the failure to solve either.

     Finally, it must be asked, why does the “Alternative” Media seek to promote this false narrative of a “New Cold War” between the U$ and Russia/China? In reality, it’s because the “Alternative” Media is fundamentally no different then the “Mainstream” Media that it is supposedly an “alternative” to, in that both promote a fake Good Guys vs Bad Guys narrative, with one being Domestic focused (The Mainstream Media) and the other being International focused (The Alternative Media). Sadly, most people don’t want to accept the fact that wether at the international or domestic level, the “Good Guys” (Russia/China according to the Alt-Media, and Democrats or Republicans according to the MSM) and the “Bad Guys” (The U$ according to the Alt-Media and Democrats or Republicans according to the MSM) are really controlled by the same guys (the Global Financial System), and believe in the same Values (Neoliberal Capitalism either of the Straight, White, Male, variety in the case of Republicans, of the Gay, and/or Non-White, and/or Female, variety in the case of Democrats, with phony Freedumb and Democracy in the case of the U$, and with a phony “Communist Party” or phony “Traditional Values” in the case of China and Russia), and while we all get to chose sides in this phony International or Domestic, Fake wrestling, puppet show, the people behind the curtain laugh as they exploit and eventually eliminate us.



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