Hi! I’m kinglear, welcome to King Lear’s Land, an alternative Political Forum that allows political ideologies on both the right and left that are censored and silenced by the Liberal mainstream media, to have a voice and share their views, without fear of being de-platformed. I will serve as the moderator and will have an open and intellectual discussion with freethinkers from the silenced and scorned wings of both the Left and Right which I share solidarity with in their struggle against the Liberal ideology that seeks to destroy everything we hold dear in their effort to create a future in which globalization, Neoliberal Capitalism, Cultural Liberalism, Liberal Democracy, and Western Imperialism, spearheaded by Wall Street, the US Government, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, have ravaged the planet and destroyed every country, ethnicity, race, religion, culture, economic system, and political system, that doesn’t fit the image of their homogenized, Atomized, Postmodern, Consumerist, Capitalist, Liberal, utopia. I gladly invite anybody to participate in this discussion with me if you are willing to question everything you’ve been told and be open-minded to ideas that are scorned and silenced by the powers at be, because even if it breaks your heart, the truth will set you free.